Sienna Tech

The new immersive audio experience

Sienna Tech is our innovative technology that allows you to feel the atmosphere of your music and give
you a more immersive, multidimensional sound experience in your entertainment with astonishing
clarity, richness and power.

Sienna Tech represents an ambitious project that took a lot of time and devotion in
design, completely changing how people live the audio experience.

How can we do that?

We can reproduce the immersive audio of the most famous systems (such as Dolby Atmos and
Sony 360), even improving them.

We drop you in an emotional space by improving the performance of audio experience in a car
or enhancing the audio of applications dedicated to the stream (such as Tidal, Apple Music).

We know that normal audio 3D reproduction is not enough to immerse the listener.
Still, it is necessary to reproduce the physical environment we are in.

This is what we do with Sienna Tech.

This is our distinctive

Sienna Tech faithfully reproduces the speakers’ natural spaces and settings, giving the
listener more surrounding, depth, clarity, and sound details.

Please put on your headphones to experience the Sienna Tech

Inside your entertainment

The experience is more realistic, giving you the highest quality experience than ever before,
perceiving being physically in a real space.

You’ll feel like you’re in a disco or a cinema while behind the wheel of your car or seated with
your friends on the couch of your yacht.